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Nahja Mora is a progressive electronic music project formed by Josef Saint in 2005. 

Utilizing a mix of digital synthesizers; archaic samplers; video game systems; and orchestral instruments, Nahja Mora delves into unorthodox tunings and compositional forms to create what is termed "an aggressive, experimental, multimedia demolition." Some would even call it the sounds of hell and back...

Those responsible include:
Josef Saint - Vocals; Keyboards; Synthesizers; Samplers; Programming; Viola; Balalaika; Electric Guitar
Jenny Rae Mettee - Electric Bass; Synthesizers; Keyboards; Cello
Hobart Blankenburg - Keyboards; Samplers; Synthesizers
Hemlock MacNamara - electronic percussion, samplers, keyboards, synthesizers retired

the disintegration of society and its dilapidated excuse for functionality. Aurally, Nahja Mora creates nightmare fuel. Lyrically, Nahja Mora creates introspective rantings of unfolding anxiety and desperation.  We desire to bend reality to a level where illusion is reality is delusion is surrealism.     

Drekavac (Cyrillic: дрекавац, Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [drɛkaʋats], literally "the screamer" or "the yeller")

Nahja Mora often is symbolized by the image to the left -- their artistic interpretation of the drekavac.  

Nahja Mora, at conception, explored cultural fear between the east and west as an artistic component.  The alienation created by tensions between the USSR and the USA left a mark, it seems, on the views of each respective culture... as well as the nations within their sphere of influence.

     that mark is fear.  

Nahja Mora still utilizes images from legend of societies, peoples, and cultures that are at odds with one another.  Besides the  monster to the left from central Europe, Nahja Mora also utilizes images of Rusulka from Eastern Europe.  
Nahja Mora is typically described by others and themselves as operating within the Industrial Music tradition.

To Nahja Mora, "Industrial is in-house design, recording, mixing, product development. It is experimentalism. it is a reflection on societal decay as a result of industrialization and capitalism. it is confrontational. it focuses on dark violent perverse things ignored by religion. It explains why they happen. It is sound of the world coming unglued. It is a conflagration of norms and mores. an examination of the disturbed and disturbing. It is questioning and exposing desensitization."

Live Performance Past and Future

10/27/2014:  Kunst und Wahnsinn with Worms of the Earth
08/31/2015:  Kunst und Wahnsinn with Precision Field
11/05/2015:  Metro Gallery with Muscle and Marrow and Author & Punisher
12/13/2015:  The Depot (Baltimore) with CONSTANTS and Fun Never Starts
07/25/2016:  Kunst und Wahnsinn with Fun Never Starts
09/21/2016:  Ottobar with THE COCKS (RevCo)
10/15/2016:  Batz Over Baltimore with Jihad
04/07/2017:  Metro Gallery with Ego Likeness, Technophobia, Stars & The Sea, and Fun Never Starts
06/23/2017:  Ottobar with Velvet Acid Christ and Stoneburner
07/30/2017:  Ottobar with Author & Punisher and Jeff Carey
10/31/2017:  Kunst und Wahnsinn with Fun Never Starts
 01/04/2018:  Metro Gallery with Sorrowseed and Snakefeast
BUY TICKETS   02/01/2019:  Metro Gallery with Precision Field, COMPACTOR, and CA8AL

Press Coverage

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isolation / banishment
exorcism / demonslaying
articifical intelligence / creation
event horizon / abstraction
schizophrenia / make-believe
punk / procedure
magick / mikkyo
self-destruction / actualization
alienation / deviance
final realization of failure / permanent injury


Arnold Schoenberg
Mentallo & The Fixer
Skinny Puppy
The Misfits
Nine Inch Nails
Tori Amos


Precision Field (Hobart's primary project)
Fun Never Starts (Jenny's primary project)
Loveless Love (Shawn Brice remixed Nahja Mora on Trees See More)
I, Parasite (Christopher Jon remixed Nahja Mora on Trees See More)
Unter Null (Erica Dunham remixed Nahja Mora on As Death)
RevCo (Nahja Mora was honoured to be direct support in 2016)
Author & Punisher (Nahja Mora has performed alongside Tristan multiple times)
Ego Likeness (Fellow Baltimore natives  and friends of Nahja Mora )
Submersible Studios (Eric Oehler has mastered all Nahja Mora releases to date)

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